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In Partnership with:
Annalena Stocker

Product Photography: Stephanie Stocker

Art Direction
Visual Identity
Print Design
Product Design 
Editorial Design

Inspired by the alpine cultures and the work of Alois Auer and the fashion of the Wiener Werkstätte, I created a fashion label that is based on the cycle of nature. The product line has been made from high quality fabrics and leather. The prints and patterns which were screen-printed on the fabrics, are the results of extensive processes. The cuts are all handmade by young fashion designer Annalena Stocker. Every piece is unique. The basis of the brand are art prints I created using the technique of „Naturselbstdruck“. Within the process I created a visual identity for the fashion label. In various media platforms it presents itself in a puristic, modern and elegant style. With it‘s own Instagram account and a Website with a built-in shop, blog and a portfolio where you can get a insight in the creation process of the products. Other branding materials included business cards, pricetags, freecards and paperbags.

›mynacea‹ is a young start-up fashion label from vienna. The name is merged from three different word parts from latin plantnames. My is for Myosotis, which stands for Forgetme-not. Na is from the word „Calluna“ and Cea is coming from the latin word for birch „Betulaceae“. The birch tree also became one of the basics of the collection.


Corporate Identity


Products (First batch)


Making of

Hand-color Kopie