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Na zdraví!

Art Project
Packaging Design


A city that carries it's communist past deeply in it's core on it's path to the west. A discourse between tradition and modernism doesn't go unnoticed in Plzén. The aesthetics in the city center collide with the "modern" fountains, tourist infos and advertisements that just feel slightly out of place in the city's main sqare. Another contrast: a view steps outside the oldtown you are instantly surrounded by an enourmous amount of pastell tower block buildings – and a little emptiness. 

We mirrored those divergences in form of the most important export good of the city – the Pilsner Urquell. In a new disguise the bottle becomes an expression of city-aesthetics, local caracter and cultural tradition. This project was part of the exhibition "Spurensuche der Meisterklasse: Plzeň – Pilsen“. Concept and realisation in collaboration with my colleague Tamara Chavez.